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At iGottaLawyer, we are focused on finding the Trial Lawyer for your case. Our service is free to you.  Our lawyers are Experienced, Efficient and Dedicated to getting you Results. We will find you a lawyer in any state in the United States to cover any legal issue. You pay iGottaLawyer nothing for this FREE service.  If you want a fighter to secure your legal goal,…then iGottaLawyer for you!  Cary B. McClain, Esquire, President of iGottaLawyer, has been a trial lawyer for 30 years.  He has represented clients in thousands of cases covering all facets of the law.  Mr. McClain and iGottaLawyer’s legal team will conduct a brief interview of you, in your first phone call, and then our legal team will find a qualified lawyer to handle your case.